+ Warzone Adonis +

+ Indomitus Crusade +

“The backbone of the regiments of Cadia are its non-commisioned officers. When this crusade is finally over, the strategy will have been that of others, the victory will be won by those non-comms – by the faith in their heart and the blood on their boots.”



Hard ragged breaths. The whoop-bang of bolter fire from the distance, the answering fzzsh of las-fire.

All around Platoon Sergeant Tallinn, men were staggering, swaying under the fusillade of fire. Dying.

“Take cover!”

He didn’t remember saying it, but he must have, flinging himself to the ground and rolling towards the closest tree. Now a blasted stump.

The other men of second platoon scattered and found what cover they could amongst the shattered trees. Their movements were tight and hunched, some fired into the snowy mist without a target. More died.

Over the din of battle and cries of the dying, Sergeant Tallinn could hear the voice of Captain Drear through the vox-bead in his ear.

+Take them forward, Tallinn, get those men moving!+

Tallinn winced as a bolt round detonated against the ruined tree stump he crouched against. He spat out wood-pulp and dirt.

+For the Emperor Tallinn! +

Frag this, he thought.

Racking his shotgun, Tallinn rolled out of cover and stood.

“Sons of the Emperor!-” he shouted to the sheltering men around him, every word underscored by the thunder of battle  “-remember today that you are from Old Cadia!”. He began advancing, calling out troopers and dragging them from their cover. Under withering fire, the men began to move.

“Cadia Stands!” they began to intone as they fell into an advance around Tallinn, “Cadia Stands! Cadia Stands!”




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