Captain Balak, check your fire! By the love of the Emperor! Brothers in the fire-zone: cease fire! Can you he-? […]


‘We are monsters wreathed in men’s flesh’

– Kræsos, ‘the Terran’, Brother-Ancient, XVI


Choral City

Istvaan III


In over 15 years in this hobby, I can say that I have never had a space marine army.

I’ve owned countless sets, the early models, the terrible paint schemes, I’ve certainly come a long way. The old artwork of the 90 draws me to the Astartes like no other army. They embody the grim-dark universe, the heroism and horror of mankind in the distant future.

But the models just always seemed to fall a little short. Literally.

I first encountered ‘true-scale’ space marines from Apologists’ old blog over on Warseer, his incredible Praetors of Calth. Dripping with character, beautifully executed, here, at last, were the warriors of legend I had read about and imagined for so long.

I don’t know if he was the first, but he was the first I found and since then it has been exciting to watch the True-Scale movement grow. Literally.

This is my contribution. The 49th Company, XVI Legionnes Astartes, the Sons of Horus, later to become the Unsworn; although that is some way away yet. For now, on the black sands of Istvaan, such things are not yet written, the Heresy is anyone’s game, and it’s a long road to Terra. I present to you Captain Balak, The Half-Blind, Chieftain of the 49th – this is his Heresy and it’s only just gotten started.



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