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– Pictured above is Line-Legionary U’kul, Squad Turrius, 144th Company. An near-perfect example of mk.IV battle-plate. Note: left greave lacks the XVI colours indicating a replacement that has ot yet been attented to by Legion Armourers. This could be a indication of the relentless pace of campaigning undertaken by these warbands, and/or, due to increasing distances that these units operated from away from core of the Legion and the the supply problems inherent in their operations.


– Pictured above is Line-Legionary Yaggadon, Squad Turrius, 144th Company. Distinct here are the Cthonic script marked into the breast-plate – which translates: ‘Reaving-Heart’ – likley a Cthonic gang-moniker. Also the stylised top-knot, a common trend amongst the tech-gangs of their homeworld. While such tokens were common in the XVI pre-Istvaan, there was a marked increase in such ornamentation as the Heresy progressed, in part due to the purge of Terran-born from the Legion at Istvaan III, but also signalling the Legions shift away from the Terran-culture and the increasing influence of the Cthonic techno-barbarian culture.


My primary goal with the Sons of Horus is to present another perspective into the Horus Heresy. The Black Library novels have filled the Age of Darkness with hundreds of characters, but the Heresy is vast and no amount of books could cover every battle, every army, every character, no more than it could do in the 41st Millenium. This has allowed devoted hobbyists to fill this void, weaving stories of their own. I am indebted to Apologist’s Death of a Rubricist blog, that had done such an excellent job of fleshing out the Iron Warriors and Ultramaries at the time of the Heresy.

We walk in the footsteps of giants.

Humbly then, I offer you an insight into the Sons of Horus, first among traitors, and their slow decline into infamy.



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