“Iron Within, Iron Without”

– The mantra of the IV Legion


My first character showcase for the Sons is not, as might be obvious, a Son at all.

Warsmith Kazrmir is a mongrel son of Perturabo, a particularly cold monster clad in ceramite and for reasons I’ve yet to establish, in the service of Captain Balak of the XVI.

Some on my conversions are planned, I like to build boards on Pinterest and jot a few notes down and what I want to model to look like. This was not the case for Kazrmir. I started by staring at a pile of bits I had mustered with the vague concept in mind of a ‘brooding, menacing techmarine’. I made it up from there.


The model is a departure from my own true-scaling method and this alone sets him apart from his newfound brothers. His legs are cataphractii, with a bionic replacement from Anvil Industry, a fantastic company that I have used before and who produce simple, crisp and sturdy resin extras.

The torso is also cataphractii, with the rear half being a Primaris torso, these fit together surprisingly well with a little knifework and I understand why many hobbyists use them on their True-Scale marines. The baroque-feel of the chest-plate fitted an Iron Warrior better that it would do my Sons. I also added the little groin-flap (for want of a better word) from an Mk.III chest.

The arms are terminator arms, as I always use.

The arm is another bionic from Anvil, the head is from one of Forge World’s Iron Hands sets.

The backpack is where I had to get really inventive. Initially, I had set out to create a kind of weapon-arm, the bottom half of the arm forming the volkite blaster. I struggled with this for a while before abandoning the idea, settling instead to build a bionic third arm similar to what the Magos Domini possess. This pushed the model too far into the realm of Ad Mech aesthetic – I imagined the Iron Warriors to be spartan-looking, plain and baroque, not driven to extensive bionics as the X Legion are. So the idea of a shoulder-mounted cannon came to me and it provided an excellent counterbalance to the servo-arm and gave his pose and facing a more obvious intent.

I’ll be sure to post again once I’ve begun to tackle Kazrmir’s fluff.


Posted by:Oliver@therook

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