‘Do you think there is no limit to what a man can bear?’

– Captain Drear, to Lieutenant Rodery


‘I’ve been with the Company since the beginning, a junior Lieutenant like yourself at one time, straight from the academy. We were Bolskie’s company back then, until Xarro. Which academy did you say you graduated from? – ah, Tulgor, very good, you might know a few of the officers from F-Company. Anyway, there’s also Tallinn, our indomitable Platoon Sergeant. You might have seen him around. He’s been with the company longer than me, just a trooper at one time, though I’m sure he was born a non-com. There is no one more greatly respected in the entire company, he’s a decent sort; if a little rough. By Creed! It’s Tallinn’s company really! I just do the paperwork – and blow the whistle.

Captain Drear? Ah yes, well, there’s a fellow. Been with us now for, oh.- I don’t know, four years? five? He’s jumped a few commands before that, doesn’t talk much about it. The boys at Battalion reckon there was some nasty business years back, some rotten luck, the Captain drifted a while, knocked off the ladder so-to-speak. Then Xarro happened and the Emperor’s wind blew him here.

Don’t – don’t judge him too harshly when you meet him. You see, he’s been out here a long time. Been with the company through all sorts of tight spots – perhaps too many. It – it tells on a man, you understand – rather badly – I’m afraid our captain resigned his soul to the Emperor a long time ago.-‘

– First Lieutenant Halberd, to Second Lieutenant Rodery


Roll-call of the officers of C-Company, 144th Inf. Reg.

+ Warzone Boreas + Date:REDACTED.M42 +

Captain Drear, CO of C-Company, 144th Inf. Reg.

First Lieutenant “Hal” Halberd, C-Company, 144th Inf. Reg.

Company Sergeant Major Tallinn, C-Company

Second Lieutenant Thenmann, First Platoon, C-Company

Second Lieutenant Hekler, Second Platoon, C-Company

Second Lieutenant Rodery, Third Platoon, C-Company

Cadia Stands by Trooper Nadir, Captain Drear’s Adjutant, sketched at St. Baston, Boreas.


To Lord Commissar Ziejn Ro, Officio Prefectus, I44th Inf. Reg. attached,

Lord, I am writing in response to your request for a character appraisal of Captain Drear. I am aware that suggestions have been made to you that the captain’s dedication and faith in the Emperor have faltered in recent months. I would like to state forthrightly that I do not find that these rumors have any foundation and that they constitute mere gossip from the officers’ mess. With that being said, I have compiled an honest account of Captain Drear as I have found him to be as per your request, I am ever your servant.

Captain Drear has commanded C-Company of the 144th for four years. Before that, he had commanded a company in the Cadian 1077th and had been marked for promotion to major until the battle for Xarro IV left the majority of his regiment dead.

The survivors of the 1077th were folded into existing regiments before deployment to Boreas. C-Company of the 144th, having recently lost its own captain at Xarro, is where Drear ended up; and he had had very little time to integrate with his new command before making planetfall on Boreas.

Amongst the men of the regiment, it is widely rumored that their new captain is cursed by the Emperor. News of his previous company’s fate is well known, and it is widely – although wrongly – believed that Drear was the only survivor. The captain is also famously introvert and reserved with his fellow officers, and never talks about his previous commands. This has given rise to wild speculation amongst the rank-and-file – and even some of the officers – that all of Drear’s previous commands’ have perished to a man and that he himself is the only survivor.

Captain Drear’s own dour and reserved demeanor has not warmed him to his men and First Lieutenant Halberd is widely known to be his only confidant and friend amongst the officers of the company.

Regardless of this, Captain Drear conducts himself with professionalism and shows a genuine concern for the well-being of his men. He is a diligent and practically-minded man who demonstrates sound strategic ability and courage in battle.

I consider that his personal demeanor has had no adverse effect on his ability to command one of the Emperor’s companies. He is an asset to his regiment and to the Imperium. I would not recommend that any action is taken immediately but I would like to assure you that I shall maintain a diligent watch over him as I do with all of the men in this company.

With my compliments,

Commissar H’dane, Officio Prefectus, C-Company attached.





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4 thoughts on “+ Captain Drear +

  1. Excellent background, I find the Guard encourages fluff in spades! I like the black, nice and rich. Is rich a thing? 😛 I’d be interested in a tutorial on how you paint these Cadians. Keep up the great work!

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    1. They really do, there’s a lot of scope for imagining how different regiments function and live day to day.

      Yes, I’m working on a tutorial right now! Will hopefully get that uploaded in a week or two.


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