‘What cost Unity?

One man’s soul is the value of all mankind,

And he who tallies the cost, shall pay the difference.

And take us all to account.’

What Cost Unity?, Qu’ro, the War-Seer of Ki-Leng


Me and a few folks from around the interweb have begun putting together some models for a campaign set during the Age of Strife – or the Unification Wars – on Terra. The campaign is focused upon an ancient and mysterious thing/place/item, perhaps a relic from the Dark Age of Technology, perhaps not, which is definitely located somewhere on Terra – or perhaps it isnt.

At least we know it exists (we dont).

Anyway, what we do know for absolute certainty is that we all want to build and paint models that hopefully will one day face each other across the table-top.

For my part, I am planning two warbands, one for the Forces of Unity and the other to represent one of the many and varied techno-barbarian states that are as-of-yet awaiting Unification. More on the later warband in a furture transmission.

Baraqu2020 – as we’ve optimistaically begun to call it – is set at a time when the Emperor and his vision are a distant myth, another warlord claiming Terra amongst a chorus of tyrants, prophets and madmen.

I have knocked together my first model for this endeavor, Legionary Amon.

The goal here was to represent an early proto-Astartes, but also to represent the Astartes before they carried the distinct imprint of their Primarch, these were the ‘blank-slate’ Astartes that forged their own identies and warrior-cultures over the coarse of the Unification Wars.

Here then, is a legionary which is not immediately identifiable as belonging to any particular legion.

The body was hand-casted by the immensely talented (and very generous) Paul [Instagram: https://instagram.com/bolterjugend.idstein?igshid=1i1nlf03n0c50]

His gear for the most part is practical, I like to imagine him as a scout for the armies of Unity – presumably there were only a handful of the first Astartes made, before entire Legions began to be formed, so I imagine these first few were given a number of roles, which were not as the mass shock-troops they later became.

He is burdened with gear and apparatus for scouting and recording the wastes of Terra, plunging into far flung wastes and feeding information back to the Emperor’s nascent Imperium.

He is equipped with a Volkite charger. These weapons are lightweight for scouting and more subtle than a bolter. They are also a very eostoric weapon from the Dark Age of Technology and immediately place the Astartes as pre-Heresy.

In another transmission I have offered a small introductory story for Amon, feel free to check that out [https://therook.blog/2019/08/09/baraqu/]

The Dark Age of Technology is drawing to an end, history is not written and Baraqu awaits, a quest that may hold the key to the success or failure of the Emperor’s plan (or it doesn’t).

We’ll eventually get round to all that.


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